Can you #FeelBetterStronger in 30 days?

F*ck around and find out.

More About 30 for $30

What is 30 for $30?

- 30 days of group classes at sweatlocal to
   - create routine
   - enhance accountability
   - help you lift like a badass

- 30 days of group classes to see if our programming, our coaching, and our environment helps you
   - stay focused
   - propels you towards your summer goals
   - can keep your strong beyond summer

- 30 days at sweatlocal to see why our clients
   - have the tightest tooshies
   - and carved out delts

- 30 days at sweatlocal to see if it’s possible to love your workout time like all those fitness fanatics you see online.

Who is this for?

- Been trying to get fitness-y since the New Year but keep falling off the bandwagon?

- Do you walk into the gym and get so overwhelmed you just head to the cardio machine because at least you can’t get that wrong?

- Do you dread the gym because you just feel stupid standing in front of the mirror not quite knowing what you’re doing?

- Do you bail on the full workout you have planned because once it gets hard you just don’t follow through?

- You wanna fitness but it just feels boring.

- You go the gym, spend an hour like “you’re supposed to” but somehow you look the same 6 months later.

- You have all the right intentions but you keep getting hurt at the gym working out on your own?

What Can You Expect?

- Besides a damn good time...


Step 1:  Purchase 30 day trial. 


Step 2:  After purchasing

   - You'll receive a link to schedule a free strategy session with head coach, Jeidi Pippins.


In this session Jeidi will:

   - help you create a 30 day experience that works w/ your schedule

   - orient you so you don't feel lost



Can you #feelbetterstronger in 30 days? Are you ready to find out?

What are our people saying?


Lila King

sweatlocal athlete

"Sweat is a full body, mind, and soul gym. While the focus is on strengthening your body, you will also strengthen your mind. This gym always encourages me to push beyond my comfort zone and be courageous!"


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