A straight forward approach to improve your digestion using food as medicine

...so you can reclaim energy, nourish hormones, and boost your immune health.

The fruit of what's inside:

Discover how to eat in a satisfying way, without the need to snack between meals, so you feel good in your skin and your clothes fit a little better. 
Reclaim energy instead of being stuck at home on the sidelines while watching family and friends have have all the fun.  
Balance blood sugar, improve sleep, wake up rested, and be able to keep up with daily demands of a busy life.  
Reduce belly bloat and inflammation... and feel better, with confidence to face the world.

This guide is perfect for those who have tried every diet and are looking for a simple way to bring a little balance to their meals.

My client Erika lived on keto for 3 years with no progress.


She took the quiz (like the one included in this guide) and realized her body needed more carbs. 

This 1 simple change gave her the results she wanted!


That's the magic behind this plan.

Get on track to improve your digestive health today!

I'm Chelsie!

I know how it feels to wake up every morning wishing for a new mind and body. Even as a medical professional, I silently suffered in my health most of my life.

After healing my body MYSELF, I went on a mission to share simple tools that gave me the greatest results when I was at my weakest point. 

I’m trained in behavior analysis, functional diagnostic nutrition, a registered nurse, biofield energy healer, and care deeply about you living life to your fullest potential. 

Enjoy the guide and I’ll see you in your inbox and my Facebook Community!