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$997 Annually

$99 Monthly

Imagine this:

  • A clear, easy to follow personal budget
  • A debt payoff plan that let's you know when each debt will be done
  • A graph identifying your likelihood of sucess to reach your financial goals based on current actions
  • A roadmap to paying off and saving for education expenses
  • A way to know if you have enough life insurance
  • A daily snapshot of your net worth
  • A colored chart how your assets are invested
  • Monthly help to get all your finances questions answered by a licensed financial professional
  • Access to short (20 minutes or less) money topic video trainings
        Does that sound good? I know it does!

“Tremaine holds you accountable for your financial goals and is extremely knowledgeable! If you are looking to learn about money management and grow go, with Mind Over Money! Highly recommend”

Noelita Bowman
Client - Google Review

What are the benefits?

Make More Money

Increase your income to do more of what you love instead of feeling like you only have time to do what you have to do just to live.

Know YOUR Next Step

There is so much information floating around. It can feel overwhelming! "Learn options trading! Invest in crypto! Get a vending machine! Put a car on Turo!" All the noise can be paralyzing. Figure out YOUR next best move and execute.

Gain A Community

Money and pushing to get better with it can feel lonely. Get around other people who want to get better to and will hold you accountable.

See Results

If you ain't tracking, you ain't trying! Leverage our platform to track your income and savings goals. If you really want to see some progress, we make it hard not find yourself in a better place than when you started.

Have you read enough? Take action and join us in the Academy!

Meet Your Advisor

Tremaine Wills is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and Registered investment Advisor Representative.


She has a decade of experience in financial services providing both education and financial planning implementation to families desiring change in their finanial future.


She is passionate about helping others increase their income, acquring more assets and getting connected to the root of why they must do something different with their finances to leave a lasting legacy.


Tremaine has been featured on many financial platforms including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Yahoo Finance and Business Insider and has won industry awards such as the most recent Top 100 Financial Advisor for 2022 .


Learn and grow your wealth with one of the best in the industry!

What is included?

90 Minute Monthly Q&A

The biggest obstacles that most people face when going on their finncial journey is not having anyone to answer thier questions. We've got that covered. Every month you'll get access to a licened financial advisor to answer questions.

Templates & Resources

You know that you need to make a budget but what kind? where do you find it? We've got you covered. Each step of the journey comes with templates and resources you need to execute with confidence.

Small Business Resources

Starting a business can be daunting but it is a great way to increase your income. We've developed relationships to get you access to free trials and discounts to the essentials.

On Demand Videos

Is making time learn what to do or knowing where to start something you struggle with? Our On Demand Video Library will drip step by step actions to take so that you don't feel overwhelmed and you can go at your own pace!

Free Money

Who doesn't love access to free money? We search the internet for you to find grants and scholarships that aide with financial support for education and business. This saves you both time and energy.

Small Business Directory

Marketing and advertising can be expensive! We allow our small business owners to list their businesses for free in the directory! Community members can easily find you if they need your products and services.