Still washing tents by hand?

Take your tent-washing operation to the next level! Use Teeco Solutions 20’’ stand- behind tent polisher for easier, deep clean- ing of large tents. And, a must-have is the hand held cleaning polisher to make removing tar, tape, tree sap and decals, a breeze. PLUS, get all the accessories and cleaning agents you need to speed up your cleaning process and achieve the best results. 


  1. One 20"  Floor Polisher
  2. 15 assorted 20" Cleaning Pads
  3. 55-gallon drum of Teeco Clean
  4. 4 gallon case of Teeco Juice
  5. One handheld cleaning polisher
  6. 10 assorted cleaning pads
  7. 48 Teeco Erasers
  8. One bucket of Teeco Wipes (270 wipes)