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“Kaisa gently guides towards the most important aspects and pushes to think about the topic from a different angle. I am now more aware of my strengths and core values. The most important impact on my daily life is that I've defined things I want to focus on and spend my time with.”

- Paula, LIVIO JOY coachee

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When you want to take the strain off your days and create your impactful life and career, Kaisa is your biggest cheerleader!


As a Leadership Coach, Career Growth Expert and Founder of LIVIO JOY, Kaisa helps professionals like yourself to create the experiences and results they want in life and business. Why she's passionate about helping others to transform their lives, is personal.


When Kaisa was about to lose the man she loves, she decided to take control of her life and happiness. She left her home country, Finland and a successful 10-year corporate career, moved to London, studied a new profession and started her business all at once while starting a life together. This journey has given her an understanding of what it takes to make powerful decisions and major changes to turn desires to reality.


Since 2019, Kaisa has guided over 1,600 experts worldwide to transform their lives while creating a lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams creating memories with her husband. Today, Kaisa is running her global online business supporting heart-centered experts to become hired, sought-after experts in their field to serve more people. 

Kaisa's journey is not special but the strategies and knowledge she has gathered over 15 years in business development, brand marketing and career growth have helped hundreds of professionals save time and worry in creating the results and experiences that are meaningful for them. Let's create a life that await you!