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(Finding Your Awesomeness)

  By now you know you need and desire support.  Join NOW for the intentional resources (time, talent and money) you need to create what you envision for your business, career, and life! 


How Does it Work?

There are three main components of being a member of FYA!  Participants get focused on what they are doing, become intentional with their time and resources, to make money.  We are unapologetic about helping participants make money and leverage what they already have to accelerator their business, career, and life.  We firmly believe access to more resources creates generosity and open doors for more! 

  • Group Masterwork Sessions:  Monthly group collectives that mix a masterclass (learning) with a workshop (get it done) time with experts to support and accelerate  learning and growth for about 90-minutes each month.   
  • Online Portal:  Self-paced training modules are provided for work in-between sessions
  • Accountability:  This is KEY! We hold you accountability to get what you say you want. 

This is a monthly membership with exclusive access.  We reserve the right to provide MORE value to participants. 

The monthly membership is $497 (billed monthly).  

What people say is who they want to be, what people do, is who they are.

We help you close the gap!

Join Monthly Group Masterwork Session

(Masterwork is a Giver of Awesomeness term where participants focus on doing the work they know they are ready to master.)

Access the Online Portal

Go back, review content from Masterwork, and keep growing!

Who is this for?

  • People that have tried before to be successful and failed - we don't try here,  we DO!
  • People that are scared and let fear steal their confidence and stop their forward momentum - we know fear is real, and it has a purpose so we make it WORK!
  • People that want to work with others that have actually done what they say - integrity is our commitment and yes, we make $!
  • People who value others and resources - we don't suffer in silence or pretend - we get REAL and GET RESULTS!
  • People know they are tired of waiting and wondering, "could I..." - they are ready to be, do and have what they know has their name on it!

Raushawna Price - Giver of Awesomeness

About the Visionary

Raushawna Price, known as the Giver of Awesomeness, is an Author, Coach, Speaker, Radio Personality and owner of Eyrie Success.  She is passionate about showing others how to tap into and utilize their gifts and talents for life-changing results.  Working with Raushawna is more than one dimensional.  Her breath and depth of personal and professional experiences give her unique, world-class approaches and outcomes!  She has grown a multiple six-figure business and works strategically with partners for continued growth. 


Fun stuff about Raushawna - she holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University and Purdue University, respectively and a Master’s Degree in Education Leadership from the Broad (pronounced Broad) Center.  She resides in the York County, South Carolina area with her husband, two beautiful children, and dog, Frankie. She is a lover of superhero movies and fun workouts!

Other Experts Joining You!

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Catch FYA and move from lukewarm to HOT in every area of your life!

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