Do you want to ignite your child's love for learning through genuine connection?

Hey mama, if you want to EMPOWER your child's mind, nurture their curiosity, expand their confidence, and ignite their passion for learning, then keep reading!


Join me in this Fostering Intelligence through Meaningful Conversations mini-course to learn how to unleash the power of family and have rich connected conversations with your kids. It is full of practical tips, printable resources, and parenting scripts, too.


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What's Included?

If you are tired of struggling to motivate your child with traditional educational techniques or conversation starters, this mini-course is the perfect solution. Say goodbye to disengaged learning experiences and homeschool worksheets and say hello to a new way to inspire and empower your child's love of learning. 



With this mini-course, you'll gain access to:


- a 15-minute training video designed to help you create opportunities for meaningful conversations that foster your child's intelligence

- 12 page workbook to set you up for success

- practical tips based on the ages and stages of your kids

- ideas to help mom and dad handle tricky conversations which cultivate kids who think for themselves



Watch as their enthusiasm for learning blossoms, their confidence soars, and their natural curiosity becomes a driving force in their education. Embrace this opportunity to create a vibrant and fulfilling learning environment for your child, where their potential knows no bounds. Together, let's embark on mini adventure and unlock the true joy of learning through meaningful conversations.


You only need a handful of techniques to practice and master. Here's all you need to complete this course.


- A mostly willing child (it's okay if they roll their eyes at you)

- A printer

- The video and workbook

- A fully committed parent (hint: that's you!)

- BONUS item: 8 Great Smarts by Kathy Koch


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