The Gentleman's Emsella Club

Hey there, gentlemen! You know how a fine wine gets better with age? Well, unfortunately, our prostates didn't get the memo. They get a bit carried away, growing in size over time.


Have you ever noticed that your once mighty Niagara Falls has turned into a trickling stream? That's a weak urine flow for you, thanks to our aging prostate that loves to throw curveballs our way. And how about those sneaky drips always left behind, stubbornly refusing to leave the party? You zip up, and lo and behold; there's a surprise leak waiting to make an appearance. I know; it's like a nasty magic trick that no one asked for.


Here's the good news: BTL Emsella is like the bouncer at this unwanted urinary gig. It helps strengthen those pelvic muscles, giving you better control and turning your trickle back into a healthy flow. So, you can wave goodbye to those unplanned encores and enjoy your day drip-free and confident!



“After my treatment with BTL Emsella, I feel like I've been handed back the reins of my life, especially my nights. I used to be on first-name terms with the bathroom, but I've noticed a significant reduction in my night-time waking. Some nights, it's even gone altogether. I'm rediscovering the luxury of uninterrupted sleep all over again!

Customer from Sea to Sky, BC

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Emsella Treatment

The state-of-the-art BTL Emsella treatment is an innovative non-surgical solution designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and boost overall health. 

What do I do?

First, please book your private medical assessment. Once we ensure you are a suitable candidate we schedule a series of 6-8 initial treatments. Our clinic is open 6 days a week, so timing is flexible, and you only need 30 minutes per session.

Does it work?

95% of patients treated with the Emsella device report an improved quality of life due to the therapy. No more leaks, dribbles or embarrassment at laughing in public. 


We believe in offering treatments that meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy, and moreover we strive to make treatments accessible and affordable. The BTL Emsella Club is no exception for only $99 per month.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have learned that for some patients, a few more treatments can make a significant difference, and for the majority, continued intermittent treatments have enhanced and strengthened pelvic floor strength. You can be assured that if you haven't seen the results you hoped for after six, we've got your back, and we keep on going. 

$99 per month

(12 months Minimum Term - Includes taxes)