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@ Nephew Physical Therapy
Date |  Sept 13th
Time | 6:30P - 7:30P
COST | Free

Topics Covered During Event:

  • Factors that predispose athletes to injury such as Posture and Body Mechanics.
  • How to Identify Potential Problems and weakness in your athlete.
  • Learn what 360 Degree Strengthening is and the importance it plays in being INJURY RESISTANT.
  • How Physical Therapy screens for weakness and inflexibility.
  • Services that are available to help your student athlete be INJURY RESISTANT.
  • Why Physical Therapy should be a part of your health team.

Worried about your Student Athlete experiencing a Season Ending Injury?

  • Every year, there are 250,000 ACL-related injuries occur in the United States.
  • Female athletes are 8 times more likely to injure their ACL.
  • Of those injuries, 80% are non-contact injuries.

Injury Resistance Programs REDUCE Injury Risks (HU¨ BSCHER)

  • Leg injuries by 39%
  • Acute knee injuries by 54%
  • Ankle sprain injuries by 50%
  • Significant 64% reduction of overall anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries..

Course Instructors

Dr. Jenna Schra, DPT | Jenna received a bachelor’s degree in clinical exercise science along with a doctorate degree in physical therapy from Grand Valley State University. She has been a lifelong athlete and currently works at Nephew Physical Therapy treating orthopedic conditions.

Melissa Meiste, CEO & PT | Melissa is  the owner of Nephew Physical Therapy and has been a Physical Therapist for over 23 years.  She loves sports and is passionate about helping athletes, weekend warriors, recreational athletes, moms, dads and everyone keep doing the activities they  love by helping  people stay strong and active.

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