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We offer a range of services including mental health therapy, health education, and career coaching. Simply depends on what your need.


Mental health therapy and group support

Have you heard of our community Therapy Over Silence? An online community aimed to reduce stigma on mental health. Join our community. Or maybe you need one-on-one therapy? Meet with a therapist individually in order to reduce barriers that interfere with emotional and mental well-being.


Health and wellness education and coaching

Have you heard of our community I am well? Perhaps your current health status has you feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you feel you actually don't understand what is going on, or you want to be a better advocate for yourself when you meet with your doctor. Or your interested in learning and exploring the 7 dimensions of wellness.
If you would like to book us for mental health and wellness speaking engagements, please fill out inquiry form above.  

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Career coaching

Are you tired of stressing over finances, living paycheck to paycheck and know you deserve so much more? Work with our all-star career coaches to get you on your way. 


Anim Aweh is a licensed mental health therapist and certified clinical health educator, with over 12 years of experience of direct care and facilitation.
She has coined the phrase Therapy Over Silence, which is tied to a social movement that addresses the unique needs of black and brown people in the mental health space. She believes that providing holistic approaches to mental health can effectively treat inner-city communities.



Bie Aweh is a talent developer focused on equity and inclusion strategy. With nearly a decade of experience in coaching adult learners, building sustainable partnerships, designing and facilitating training, and driving social change by providing career pathways for underrepresented groups. Bie's passion for connecting underrepresented populations to the innovation economy fuels the work she does today at DoorDash as the Senior People Growth Manager for Women/Non-binary and underrepresented talent development. In this capacity, she delivers high-impact learning experiences for women and non-binary people of all backgrounds and underrepresented people of color, while also exploring different levers to ensure these groups can actualize their full potential.

As technology continues to drive economic growth, she is a firm believer that people from underrepresented groups need to be in positions to contribute not only because we have a moral obligation but because it is great for business.

Bie Aweh, ME.d


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