That you can take with you and apply in your future career. No standing around and getting staff'll be working with real clients and learning how to navigate physical challenges and differerent client goals. Gain REAL experience and apply what you've learned in school with real people.

When you intern with the CNU Fit A-Team...

You get to work with a hand-selected and battle-tested team of extraordinary human beings, passionately engaged in the mission of empowering others. You'll learn what it's REALLY like to work in the fitness industry, and gain the tools and mindset you need to pursue and achieve your career goals.


Check out Erica's Internship Story!

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Check out what fitness business owners want to see in potential hires as you transition into your career.

Become our next Personal Training Intern!


If you're looking for a way to get a jump start on your career, while also potentially earning yourself a role at our company, the CNU Fit Internship Program is for you!


Starting out in the fitness industry is tough. Even if you went to school for something in the field (and especially if you didn't), being a personal trainer is a whole different beast.


And to make matters worse, most fitness businesses are not going to take a chance on an inexperienced coach.


The truth is, everyone in your position is feeling this way. There is simply no great method for new coaches to get started.


That's why choosing the right internship spot is essential for getting you a step ahead of the competition.


We'll teach you what it really means to help people in the fitness industry, how to apply everything you've learned in your schooling and certifications, and help pave the path for you to start your career as a successful fitness coach.


Join an amazing team culture and experience a hands-on internship!

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