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Live Authentically & Unapologetically Wherever You Are in The World

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Book Launch and Masterclass

Saturday, June 25, 2022 10am PST

What every person must know when moving to a new country or culture!

Experience a LIVE Masterclass, with a juicy LIVE Q&A session, so make sure to carve out time on your calendar now!

Join us for a free, live event with hosts Alicia Partee and Walaa Abuelmagd to learn about living authentically and unapologetically as you navigate your journey through integrating into a new culture or country.

- How to accept the inevitability of change
- The difference between change and transitions
- How to work through culture shock
- The ten elements of transition
- The principles of the process of authentigration


  • LIVE Book Launch + Masterclass   
  • LIVE Q&A
  • Special book price
  • Access to Global companion facebook group
  • Choice of on breakout session

Guest Authentigraters

Madelyn Mackie

Activate Your Career with LinkedIn BEFORE Moving to Your New Country

Madelyn Mackie is the career activator! As a Certified Career Management Coach, member of the National Résumé Writers’ Association, and former board member of the National Speakers Association, Madelyn offers conference keynotes, professional development trainings, and career coaching to help her clients design unique, job-getting documents, build successful career plans, and create lifelong success

Renee Dominquez

Tapping Into The Leader Within
Know Your Worth & Own It

Renee is the founder of Empowered LeadHERship, a company dedicated to providing personal

development and business training to female leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to awaken their full potential. Renee specializes in supporting high performers.

Aditi Jajal-Newey

Personal Brand:
Your Strongest Borderless Thrive Tool

Aditi Jajal-Newey is a Brand & Content Strategist who helps her clients land more clients than they can handle. With over 11 years of marketing and communications experience in businesses and markets of different sizes, Aditi has mastered the art of solving the problem called 'How do I market this?'

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Alicia Partee

Authentigrate: Creating Authentic Intentional Connection.

The culmination of my life experiences and the challenges I’ve overcome have given me a passion for inclusion, bridging cultural divides and bringing people and ideas together. It’s now my mission to improve the lives of many across the world by helping them “Authentigrate”—uncovering who they authentically are and helping them live intentionally and unapologetically in connection with others.


Live Authentically & Unapologetically Wherever You Are in The World

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