The Practise - an ongoing program

Creating a life that works is what we call "purpose driven time management" because we believe that our purpose is directly reflected in how we spend our time on a daily basis.


That is why we say:


"Look at your schedule for the next 4 weeks, look at what you are doing, look at who you are doing it with, and look at who you are Being when you are doing it and that is your world."


Purpose then is not some hard to grasp concept or practise.


It is simple and reflected in how and where you spend your time on a consistent basis

and who you are Being when you do whatever you are Doing.


That can be confronting.


It is also liberating.

How the Practise works

An invitation only program for people who are committed to doing the work and are up for creating a life rhythm that reflects their purpose.


The framework of The Practise


We get really clear on our pillar practises. Those that we already have in place (are doing) and those that we wish, want, could or are committed to having in our lives. We then rank them, rate them and schedule them.

Facet Focus & Integrity

We do a full facet audit so that we can see for ourselves areas that might be missing, are lacking focus, or receiving too much or too little of our attention. Said simply, we get clear where we are out of integrity.

Business Facet Audit

We do a full facet audit on our businesses and work role (not just for CEO's and business owners) so that we can see for ourselves what is missing and needs focus. Like a person, a business or work role is comprised of the same integrity principles.

Recurring Priorities

We get really clear on all our recurring priorities (in both our personal and professional lives) and we make sure that all of them are scheduled.


We choose a specific enricher to focus on in every single quarter and take the steps to take it from a bucket list item into our worlds.

Health & Wellbeing

We create a clear and specific health goal for every single period

Support & Accountability

We set up a clear framework of support and accountability to ensure that this "work" is done. This includes setting aside personal time to work on it, connecting with a support buddy and leaning into The Practise facilitator as the person in our corner supporting us to create a life that works.

The framework of the recurring 4 week block

  • Each Practise group comprises 10 people
  • Group sessions are offered either online or face to face
  • Group sessions are held at 6am, 8:30am, and 11:00am (once every 4 weeks)
  • You select your group based on delivery format and session times - as per framework above. 
  • Each recurring 4 week block looks as follows:
    • Week 1 - Two hour connect as a group. Session offered face to face OR online as per above and connect with your buddy (same buddy for 4 weeks)
    • Week 2 - Have your one on session with your Practise coach. You select how long for and who you would like to be coached by (you can also be coached more frequently if you like) 
    • Week 3 - Self Practise. Solo time to reflect, recalibrate and deepen your commitment to the practise of creating a life that works
    • Week 4 - Buddy meet up and reflect on the Connection over the 4 weeks and how you have supported one another to create a life that works 


The cycle starts again as week 4 rolls into week 1 and if continuing with the next (new) cycle you can change any of the elements:

  1. group delivery format
  2. group session time
  3. coaches and time & frequency with coach
  4. New buddy or same buddy 


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Additional Resources to support your Practise

The Connect

Meet current and previous course attendees. Come and meditate with us, meet inspiring speakers and engage in empowering activities that nurture body mind and soul.

Mobile Support Group

Engage with and be supported by your Practise cohort. Experience what makes the Sit eco system so unique, and benefit from the many resources shared with you.

 Practise - Framework workshops

We hold a practise framework workshop for Shift graduates. It covers all the components, tools, practises and principles that cover what the practise actually is

Resources Portal

To support you in your journey, you will have access to The Practise portal.- tools and resources that will support you in all areas

Practise FAQs

Is it face to face or online?

The Practise  Group sessions are offered either online (zoom) or face to face. Select a format that works for you.

One on one sessions with your Practise facilitator are zoom based but face to face meet ups can also be arranged. 

Why is it a mixed gender group?

The Practise Program is distinct from the Shift and circle in that it is offered in a mixed gender format. We do this because the program is more about content and self focus and less about group sharing. There is the opportunity to get a gender specific buddy. Bespoke Practise programs can also be gender specific.

What are the one on one check ins with my Practise Coach? 

Key to your success in the program is the support and accountability relationship that you create with your Practise Coach. We suggest that the one on one sessions happen once every 4 weeks. Those sessions are 30, 60 and 90 minute slots and you choose the time frame you would like with the coach you would like. Longer or more frequent check ins are also available.

Who are the Practise Coaches? 

The Practise coaches are all the powerful facilitators in the Sit body. Each of them have a particular area of interest or skillset. They can support you in any area of your growth that is important you

The relationship is a like having your personal "creating a life that works" coach. 

How does attendance work?

You nominate the time slot that you would like and the session format that works best for you. Ideally you maintain that same format with the same group while still having the flex to change if something comes up.  You choose your Buddy for each 4 week cycle at the first group session or come to the session with your already nominated buddy. 

Why do you call the Practise "the work" ? 

The Practise is where the work happens. Consciously and consistently planning how you spend your time and then executing on it takes something. It is the Mastery of Integrity. Doing what you say you are going to do and creating behaviours and actions that are aligned with your commitment means living a life that is on Purpose. It takes something to do that.

How does the membership payment and commitment work?

The Practise is a 4-week commitment and is paid either weekly or monthly. 


What is the framework workshop?

We run these 2.5 hour online workshops to coincide with the Shift graduation (so approximately every 8 weeks). The workshop is designed to give them a frame work for how the Practise works from a theoretical and practical perspective. The workshop is a good opportunity to both revise and recalibrate the Practise principles

Meet your Practise facilitators &

Mike Britton

Dom Dos Remedios

Bobby Petty

The Practise Declaration

Look at your schedule (life rhythm) for the next 4 weeks. Look at what you are doing and who you are doing it with and who you are Being when you do it and it will show you your world. 


When that is aligned with who you are committed to being and what you are committed to doing in the world then we call that a purpose driven life rhythm and a life that works, is in integrity and in alignment.