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Special LIVE Educational Seminar on Living Confidently with Hearing Loss & Book Signing!

Gain Confidence and Remain Independent Event
The Science Behind the
Ear-to-Brain Connection!

May 16th at 10:00 a.m.
At Stoney Creek
(3060 S Kinney Coulee Road, Onalaska, WI 54650)

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FREE Community Event!

9:30am Check-In | Presentation Begins at 10:00am
Light Lunch will be served following the 1 hour presentation.
Call (608) 856-6357 with any questions.

Who This Event Is For:

1.  If you are over the age of 60

2. You struggle to hear in noisy places and want tips to improve your hearing in social settings

3. You use hearing aids and you're frustrated

4. Your partner has hearing loss and you wish to support them better

5. You're looking for practical real world hearing tips to stay active and travel

6. You're retired and occasionally forgetful

7. You are searching for more answers on how to live successfully with hearing loss

8. You need help with ringing in your ears "tinnitus"

9. You want answers and feel misunderstood

10. You feel hopeless with your hearing loss

Our Gift to You

As a special thank you for coming, all attendees will be given a Signed copy of

Dr. Vinopal's new Book "Life Beyond Tinnitus: A Guide to Thrive with the Medical Treatment of Tinnitus"

Special Guest Presenter

Alli Anderson, Doctor of Audiology

Alli's purpose for becoming an audiologist was to improve her patient’s and family’s quality of life.


Growing up my grandfather developed hearing loss over time due to his occupation. It became very difficult for him to converse in crowded environments including family gatherings. Once I was able to get him into treatment, he started to join family gatherings again which improved our family’s quality of life as well as his. I am truly passionate about my work, and I hope to continue to improve individuals’ lives.