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AI Funnel Mastery for Coaches

How to build your marketing funnel using AI

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What You Will Learn

After attending this webinar you will know 3 ways to create more leads and clients faster using AI in your marketing and sales funnels.

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Secret 1

How to use AI to speed up your content creation for your funnel

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Secret 2

How to personalize funnel content

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Secret 3

How to automate your funnel creation

ThisThis is an Encore Event for anybody who could not join the first sesson!


πŸ“ Virtual Event via Zoom

πŸ“† 27 September 2023

πŸ•‘ 2pm ET / 11am PT / 7pm UK



Why Should You Join This Training?

Joining this training can help you achieve the following benefits:


βœ” Faster funnel creation which allows to sell more products and services quicker

βœ” Save time and money by using AI to your advantage

βœ” Boost conversion rates by using a more personalized sales process

βœ” Stay ahead of trends in marketing and sales

βœ” Come up with new ideas to sell your products by knowing what is possible

What Other Participants Say

β€œI left a course that I paid for to be able to be live on Mona’s free call. I think this says it all. I am not sure how much more anyone can over deliver. She makes sure that what she offers is right for you and the timing is right. There is so much knowledge and integrity. I was blown away and feel that I can allow my business to grow because she will have my back. I am deeply grateful for what Mona brings to the business world. I am much more confident that I now have what it takes to grow my business while maintaining a healthy work life balance. Thanks so much Mona.” - Sabine K.

β€œI just finished Mona’s training and it was amazing! Before I was struggling with my productivity, especially with my personal productivity. Now I am getting a better understanding of how I can be more productive personally as well as in my business  to moving forward faster and more efficiently. Getting awesome results now, tracking myself much better an dhow to move forward getting to that next stage in my business. I feel much more confident on what I need to do with a lot more clarity.” – Athin Cassiotisblock. Change the text.

β€œWhat I liked most about the training is that it is practical. From the practice for the practice. Mona Tenjo is able to show you very quickly and accurately what systems work and why they work for your business. I highly recommend you to join this training if you want to scale your business either for growth reasons or for freeing up your own time.” – Walter U. Schmid

About Your Host

Meet Mona Tenjo, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of expertise spanning accounting, purchasing, project management, and pre-sales. As the owner of Work On Your Business, she serves clients around the world with leveraging technology, optimizing processes and generating more revenue.


In her role, Mona has spearheaded projects, crafting websites, funnels, and delivering technical support. Her clientele includes coaches, small business owners, and even multinational corporations seeking innovation in their digital landscape.


Notably, Mona's impact extends far beyond the services she provides. Her ability to streamline complex ideas, coupled with her dedication to excellence, has earned her a reputation as a trusted guide. She's been instrumental in driving businesses toward success, armed with insights gleaned from diverse global projects.

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