The Aerospace College and Career Exploration and Selection System (ACCESS)* is our program for teens and young adults ages 14-21. Using our Explore Aerospace series topics, we provide an introduction to our six core topics: Aeronautics, Aircraft Design & Maintenance, Solar System, Commercial Space Travel, Drones and Robotics.


ACCESS is a 10 hour program that includes onsite and online components. We'll have speakers, explore concepts we discuss on Kerbal Space Program, and provide an opportunity to try your skills at drones, flight simulators, robotics and more! Students who complete the program will receive an invitation to our Tier Two programs (so if you decide you want to be a pilot, Tier Two will be a ground school program) and $100 Visa gift card.

Interested in joining ACCESS? We are currently recruiting for our fall cohort! Please provide the following information and we will be in touch!  (Form should be filled out by parent for youth under 18)

*ACCESS provides informal Career & Technical Education (CTE) through our applied engineering curriculum that includes developing skills that are universally applicable across multiple trades, such as learning to read plans, riveting, measuring, fitting, electrical systems, engine systems, etc. Our structure is intended to prepare the whole student for a career, focusing on soft skills that are necessary for most careers regardless of industry. In addition, our locations and business partners integrate into our program the opportunity for on-the-job exposure to all aspects of the Aerospace Industry. Our program introduces students to a wide range of skills and competencies both specific to the industry and generalized for success in any field, equipping them for continued education toward a well-paying, self-sustaining career.