Choices for Life:

The Self Help Program That’s Not About Self

With Rabbi Manis Friedman

Series 1: September 12, 14, 19, 21 @ 5 PM EST

Series 2: October 22 & 29 @ 4 PM EDT

Rabbi Manis Friedman

 Choices for Life, originally created and offered to incarcerated men in California, is now being offered in a live online series.

Choices for Life is a self-help program created to help at-risk and incarcerated individuals regain healthy life direction through discovering moral clarity and dependable criteria for productive life choices.

The program identifies a common dichotomy at the core of all our choices. By discovering a clear moral path in navigating this universal dilemma, students are empowered to make better choices in all areas of life.

Choices for Life addresses a wide range of topics such as personal development, parent-child and spousal relationships, bias elimination and remorse. It also addresses more specific matters such as addiction, anger, abuse, and victim recovery.

This program is suitable for people of all faiths. Although the program is centered on the understanding that life has inherent purpose, it is nevertheless not exclusive to any particular religion or faith.