Welcome to the Samita Lab Mastermind.


What is it?


You can have a goal, but without the right group and the monthly accountability around it, you may never realize it. If it were easy, we would all be doing it. This is where the Mastermind comes in.

Let me give you an example.


N came into the Samita Lab in January 2022 with a goal of a promotion to Chief Marketing Officer.


She was already Director of Public Communications, but she was wearing many more hats and wanted both the title and salary that went with a C-Suite role. She wanted the promotion by July.


Senior leadership thought that timeline was too aggressive.


So we got busy in the Lab. I asked her to short list the top 6 traits of a modern day CMO. This required interviewing people who currently hold the title. Once we had the list of 6, I asked her to go back into her career and find six stories that map to these traits. In other words, six times in her career that she demonstrated that she was "strategic, analytical, had market insight, etc." We worked on her presentation style of these stories. THEN, she had lunch with her CEO and made the business case for her promotion, using the stories.  


I'm happy to say, the last week of July, seven months into the Mastermind, N announced that she not only GOT the promotion, but it was for a global role. Much bigger than what she had originally asked for.  She attributed her success to the public speaking coaching inside the Mastermind, the accountability from the monthly calls, and the coaching on how to 'make the ask' were key. Otherwise, she would have kicked the can down the road, and maybe never lobbied for the promotion.



How much will it cost you to sit on the goal for the next three years? Wouldn't you rather make partner, find that next level, leave your full time job faster?  Intro video


In my native language, Samita means 'Summit.' My vision for this Mastermind is for all of us to attain our personal summits. 

This isn't for everybody. For 10 years, I have been hosting women's leadership programming.  I'm very clear on the KIND of woman I want in the room.  I'm now most interested in what happens when I put EIGHT of those women, similar in commitment level, together for one year. 


I don't hold myself forth as a coach. I'm a curator. I'm a facilitator. The group is accountable for the success. That's why its key to put the right 8 together. This is where you come in.


First, we dig into the ways you are hardwired. This is important foundational work I guarantee you haven't done. We get clarity on your values. Have you ever taken stock of your values? Did you give yourself permission to want the goal? What your habits? Are those habits helping or hindering you?


A previous Mastermind member had her this goal for a long time, but was procrastinating. She didn't have the right tools to make the ask for the promotion. She didn't know how to lay the business case and tell the right stories to get the promotion. With the Samita Lab, she got her promotion 7 month mark and it was for a role that was EVEN bigger than she had planned for.


Second, we get clarity on what you want.  Do you know what you want?

Third, we put systems and processes in place to overcome that obstacle and turn this goal into a reality. How will you measure if you are getting closer? 

By the fourth quarter, you have evidence that the goal is becoming real, and you are already asking, "Ok, what's next?" By the end of this transformative journey, you will already be looking for the next summit to conquer.


We meet once a month for 2 hours.  You get all the dates for the meeting times when you commit. We spend 50% of the time doing valuable personal development work. We spend 50% of the time workshopping your current challenges. Both run side by side. I facilitate.

Each month, we'll also be inviting highly-regarded experts to share their knowledge with us in exclusive one-hour fireside chats 
The year will be book-ended with two retreats. One in New York. One in another country. Last year we did Marrakech. 

Why Marrakech? I'm a big fan of pushing you outside your comfort zone. This to see what else is possible for you. Over the years, I've taken groups of women on immersive retreats and seen how they come back transformed.  Morocco is a culture that is completely foreign to most of us know.


You have a wish. Maybe you have wanted to change your business model, but never had the good counsel to move on it. Maybe you want to turn your side hustle into your full-time passion. We are putting time, systems, processes, accountability, and a PLAN around it to make it a true GOAL.

You have accountability from a like-minded cohort of women who rank personal development high on their own list and are committed to your success too.

You make lifelong friends.

You have a safe space to be vulnerable and to have conversations that you aren't having anywhere else.

You join forces with a well-resourced, well-networked group.

Registration is now open. 



Here is the work we will do each month