Tender for this VirusBoats Turbo II Classic single.

  • Polyethylene hull with built in skeg
  • Fixed stainless wing rigger
  • Sliding seat
  • Foot stretcher with heel cups
  • Trolley
  • Pair of aluminium oars with plastic blades & wooden handles
  • Can only be used as a single
  • Lying in Larnaca, Cyprus

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The VirusBoats Turbo II Classic was designed in France by the late, great Noël Louvet and this polyethylene boat proved really popular with clubs. In fact it was because I spotted this boat at a Rowing Club that I started my business selling them in 1998.


Now 25 years later the boat is still as popular as ever and the joy provided by it is passed from owner to owner. A boat should be loved and cherished as you can plainly see this boat has been. (Click the image above for more photos.)


If you love rowing, you will love this boat.


Guide Price £1,000 

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