Tender below for this beautiful 2017 Ultramarine Blue Nordic Explorer.

  • This fabulous single rowing boat can readily accommodate a passenger or two or a dog.
  • Cast aluminium fold-in riggers.
  • Span from pin to pin is 160cm.
  • Comfortable, quiet single action sliding seats, adjustable in height.
  • Adjustable Foot Plate with heel cups.
  • Stainless Steel Road Trailer with winch.
  • Original Boat Cover.
  • Pair of carbon/glass oars, adjustable in length & leverage, with macon blades.
  • Pair of 10" camping hatches so you can take the boat on an adventure.
  • V Trolley (you can take with you on the boat).
  • She has been stored under cover so is in fantastic condition and the boat cover never used.
  • Lying in North Wales.

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Superb sea worthy design from world renowned Royal Navy naval architect, Charles Broughton. Charlie has had a 13 year long business relationship with a large Lithuanian boat building company and the craftsmanship is first class.


Learn more about the Nordic Explorer at https://ahoy-boats.biz/nordic/explorer/


If you love rowing, you will love this boat.


The original Tender for this boat  DID close at 12 noon on Thursday 13th April. HOWEVER, the winning tenderer fell seriously ill the very next day and was hospitalised! I consulted with the vendor and together we decided to give the buyer time to recover. But we have not heard any good news and so the boat is now back on the market.


New today, the same boat with its stainless trailer, its trolley, its cover and oars would cost over £11,100 and prices are continually rising! Or rather the value of money is continually falling as governments print more and more of it. But a boat is still a boat.


Guide Price: £7,397  £7,600 or near offer.


The video below is about the first launch of this boat that is now for sale by tender.


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