We have a once in a lifetime opportunity for you.


We have never done anything like this before and we are very excited!


Would you like to win a weekend for 2 people in the romantic and beautiful city of Paris?


We have booked a central Parisian hotel, where the city is right on your doorstep.


3 sumptuous nights in a fabulous hotel with breakfast. You know we are generous like that, don't you? All on Valentine's weekend.... Awwwww. Yes from 12th - 15th February.


So, what do you have to do to win this amazing prize?


1) Enjoy our hot drinks

2) Get a stamp on your loyalty card for every hot drink you purchase (they are only 6)

3) Hand in the loyalty card with your name & number.

4) All before when the competition ends on 7th February


If you win, off you go to Paris 


If you don't win the big prize, you can still claim your loyalty card back & enjoy a free Le Chalet hot drink on us as a consultation prize. So you’re still a winner!


No brainer, right?


Just think - What could you do over 3 days in Paris?

 how many places could you visit? 

how many different kinds of food would you try? What will you go and see? 

Where will you walk to?

What are you waiting for?


P.S Don’t worry if the date doesn't suit, the hotel is very flexible. 


Flights will be booked in accordance with the winner.



Hotel Reception

Hotel Elysee Bassano

Hotel Room for Illustration only

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