Join us for this FREE Virtual Event and discover that You ARE Enough, You ARE Capable, and that your Creativity and Potential are Limitless! Be Empowered to step into your courage, face your fears and make your Dream a Reality!


 Unleash YOUR Dream,

this Summer!

Launch Date: August 23, 2023  - August 31, 2023

What You'll Learn:

  • Principles to live by if you are going to unleash your Freedom to Be
  • What challenges other successful women faced when pursuing their dream and how they overcame them
  • Tools to keep you focused and techniques to keep you motivated.
  • Strategies on how to overcome self-doubt and build self-trust.
  • The #1 Skill you must master if you are going to realize your dreams and visions’
  • The importance of Leadership….and so much more

Meet The Insightful Masters...

Elsa Arend
 Executive/Life coach


Heal Burnout Without Burning Down your Career.

Amanda Scheknenberger

Home School and Mother's Life Coach


Living a "Both / And" Lifestyle:   Motherhood + Personal Vision

Debra Wood
Speaker, Trainer, and Confidence Coach


Courage, Confidence, and a “Texas Sized” Dose of Patience

Cally Pedersen
CEO of the Sage Agency


How I 3X’d My Revenue in just 12 Months

Natalie Fourie

Entrepreneur, World Traveler, and Mother of 3

The Double-Edged Sword of “Squirreling!”

Dawn Cortese

Founder of Healthy
Goals Healthy Living, LLC


Create a Life Worth Reliving!

Nathalie Sommer
Certified Relationship and Feminine Empowerment Coach & an Intuitive
Soul Guide



Unleash Your Freedom to Be in Your Feminine Power!

Sally Claridge
Naturally gifted channel, healer and retreat host with over 20 years’ experience


The Roller Coaster of Finding Me

Jo Beth Young
Owner of Alternative Therapy Practice
Internationally acclaimed recording artist

What You are Searching for is Closer Than You Think!

Sarah Griffiths
Owner and CEO of Body and Soul with Wheelie Momma

The Power of Unshakable Self-Worth

Yvonne Skelly
Visionary Wellness Entrepreneur & International Facilitator & Speaker


Authentic Leadership & Self Mastery

Sylvia Becker-Hill
Coach, Artist, Speaker – Prosperity for Women

Authentic Success - How to disobey 'The Shoulds' and do it your way

Kelli Bradstreet
Worked in Education for 37 years. Currently acting as facilitator of adult learning & collaborative decision making


Shedding Old Skin to Begin Again

Julie Chavez-Harrington
Actor and Acting Coach
Entrepreneur with the #1 Skin Care
Regime Brand in the US


Rise of the Crone!

Sabrina Belo
Mom, wife, dog-lover, teacher, author, spiritual coach, and counsellor


My Greatest Freedom – Accepting, Honoring, and Loving Myself!

Unleashing Your Freedom to Be!

Launch Date:  August 23, 2023  - August 31, 2023

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